"Who kids ARE is more important than what they can DO."

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What Does it Mean to Start With Your Strengths?

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Starting With Your Strengths means drawing on your inner superpowers to do things better:

When you want to achieve your greatest goals.

When you want to be happier and have more fun.

When you want to find your meaning and purpose.

When you want better friendships or greater love.

When you want to be your best.

Meet Kristen Carter

KC with StrengthsKristen is a positive psychology coach, organizational consultant and certified trainer for strengths-based educational practices. She’s helped everyone from CEOs to kindergarteners discover their inner strengths and swears they practically glow a little brighter when they do.

She is particularly passionate about helping kids embrace their strengths so they can struggle less through the teen years, and works with parents, teachers, schools and other organizations focused on assisting youth. Learn more…

Start Exploring Now

explore your strengthsAre you kind? Creative? Optimistic? Fair? A good team player? Explore your strengths with my free 12-page workbook by signing up here. You’ll also receive future strengths-building tools, ideas and support to help build your strengths.